jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2016

Post 9: changes to my study programme

The career that i study now is sociology. I think this career have a lot of advantages, especially in this university. However, i tnink that  there are things to change. One of them it is the professional practice. In sociology, we have only one professional practice to end of the carrer. In my opinión, we should have more that one, because is in the practice where you really learn. I think is necesary haver a more direct approach with the job.

On the other hand, the faculty have a library for four careers. I think this library is too small for so many students. Also, the library it’s very busy, for what is very difficult you concentrate. If i could, i would do a new library for the faculty where the silence was respected.
In relation with the career, i would like a lot that would have a investigation line about sociology of religión. I don’t know why in this university not exist investigationes about these topic, that i think it’s very necesary of know.

Also, i think sociology in this university have a área of theory very developmented and i think it is good, but i think that are left aside other áreas very important, like stadistics or quiantitative methods. For my,  a integral career sould have the mix between numbers and theory.
Finally, i would like the university in general had more bicycle parking because a lot of people come to the university on a bicycle.

domingo, 27 de noviembre de 2016


In this post i’m going to talk about my next summer holidays. 
In my next summer holidays, i’m going to work. Every summer I take the season to work. 

I am from Villos, a town located 200 kilometers north of Santiago and when school ends I immediately go to my house where my parents live. That's why in the summer I  take advantage to work, because I'm comfortable in my house and because I take advantage to earn some money. Besides the kind of work that I do is very relaxed.

This summer I plan to work as a tourist informant on the beach, as I have done before. 
This job is fun and allows you to meet people and help to people with information of places to visit.

The days that I have free I share them with my friends: we go to bathe to the sea, we get together 
to watch movies, we climb hills or we just walk along the beach; So it's not a burden to my, 
work in the summer.
When the summer season ends, usually, with my friends we are going for a walk for a weekend 
to somewhere nearby, like Valle del Elqui. We almost always camped and enjoyed it a lot. 

This time I would like to go to Punta de Choros, to see the penguins of the island. 
I think I will tell my friends, i hope you like the idea and we go to the punta de choros.
 I think so will be.

sábado, 26 de noviembre de 2016


Hi! Today I'm going to talk about the movies.
First of all, I have to recognize that I always i sleep when I try to see a movie in house. It is something that always happens to me. So, many times, my friends or the person I am with, they angry with me. But I honestly do not do it intentionally, my desire to sleep it's most.

However, when I go to the movies, the things change. When I go to the movies, I put all my attention in the movie. I think that in the cinema I do not sleep because the effect of the lights and sound catch me. For example, this year, I went to the cinema and I saw "Neruda" the last movie by Pablo Larraín. Although I did not like this movie, I kept awake all the time.

Although I do not see many movies, i have some movies that I really like. Amelie, for example.
But my favorite film is Up. Up is a film about one old man and one boy.
Carl Fredricksen as a boy wanted to explore South America and find the Paradise Falls. About 64 years later he gets to begin his journey along with a Boy Scout named Russel with help from 500 balloons. On their journey they discover many new friends including a talking dog and Carl and Russel figure out that someone evil plans. Carl soon realized that this evildoer is his childhood idol.

I like this movie because the story is very entertaining and emotive. I could see it all the time and I recommend it.

jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2016


Hello! Today i’m going to talk about a postgraduate course that i would consider taking in the future.

I think today is very important keep to studying because it helps you to be a more complete person. 
Study it lets you choose the job that you want and it lets you have the life that you want because 
it gives you more freedom.

In the future i would like take a postgraduate course related with
Social psychology or public politics.
I think these works areas can be useful for job itself, because there are a lot of postgraduates analyzing a lot of theory, but after this knowledge is very difficult apply it to job or social investigations.

For me, the knowledge, however interesting that is, should have a more practical approach.
So, the topics that I would like study in the future have this practical approach. 

The social psychology can to help to understand the social problems since other perspective that I think is necessary for sociology. In relation to public politics, this discipline can to help to achieve good social programs and, therefore, achieve good social politics for the people.

I would like to study in Chile or abroad, really I don’t have thought where, but I am convinced that I would like keep to studying. I would like to study in a part time course in person classes.

jueves, 27 de octubre de 2016


Hello! In this post i will talk about my future job.
Nowadays i study sociology, therefore the decision about my future job it was taken –in part- when i went to study this career.  
At that time i thought as a sociologist i could work in a lot of Jobs, however, today i think that is not like that.

When i think in my future job, i think that i would like to have, principally, a good work environment. 
Also, i would like to have a relaxation environment, it uncompetitive, because i would not like a stressed life. 
This last can be dificult of achieve in this times.

In relation to topics that i would like to work, I’d like to get a job as sociologist but including subjects of psychology social.

Also i’d like a job that leave me travel, and leave me work out of office. 
That would be amazing!

In general, the job is for my a important decision because the people pass a lot of time in the work and in many moments people is doing something they do not like. I don’t like this for me. 
Also if you have a job that you enjoy, the job will no weight, even you could be more productive and have a life more happy. 
Therein lies all!

jueves, 20 de octubre de 2016


Art is a expression that involves a lot of practices. It’s very difficult give a definition about what  is or no is a artistical expression, art it’s a big topic that it’s impossible to close. But, for my, art is all expression that born of human. The most typical artistical expressions are dance, music, painting.

Fort he other hand, art is very important for differents cultures because is an expression that talk about how the people  see his own world, so, the art is not a less topic.
In my personal experience, i like more literature but also i like painting and dance, althought i don’t know very much about this latter.

When i was a littler girl, i participated in a competition of poetry. It’s was my major approach to art. But, today i’am a person that not have artistic abilities, at least in personal creation.

I don’t have a favorite style literary, in general i like to read  good texts and entertainments stories, so, i am not a demanding reader. My favorites books are: “La tía Julia y el escribidor” and “La vida. Instrucciones de uso”.
This books are very differents but are write very good (for my)

Lately, i have been reading to Alejandro Zambra, one chilean writer and i think he is great.

jueves, 13 de octubre de 2016


The music has been present in differents cultures since old times. 
Now as before, music plays an important role in our lives.
In my personal experience, music is present all the time. 
I like a lot the music, in all their varietes, make me feel happy. 
I generally hear different kinds of music. I could not say a preferred stay. 
When I like a lot some singer or band and money allows me, I try to go to their concerts.
I remember one time when “Congreso” played in Bellavista, althought none of my friends could go to the concert, 
I went alone. And I had a great time.
This concert was amazing because the band “Congreso” is very good and I love it. 
Also, when I was a little girl, sometimes my family heard to Congreso. So, go to concert was very emotive.
However, althought I like a lot music, I don’t have a musical ability. I do not even sing well (in fact I do very bad)
I think music is very necessary for the people because it allows you see the world differently, 
in some sense music opens your mind and it will never be negative.